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DOREL Products was founded in 1965 under the name of Franck Chemical Mexicana, SA , in its origins, Dorel was concentrated in the textile industry, developing the Mexican market for metallic threads , starting from processing metallized polyester film , then turn it into precious yarns.



In 1982, DOREL Products took the name SILDOREL , S.A. , expanding its market and starting with making metallized films for the market Flexible Packaging , labels and folding . It becomes DOREL Products  in the year 1991, we also included Holographic film to our products, since then, DOREL Products has grown and advanced in technology and experience, to become what it is today, "Leader in Technology and Experience for the manufacture of Film, Paper and Threads , Metallics and Holographic " .


Mexico D.F.          Tel: (55) 5646-9000


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